Notes: How to address an academic presentation

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How to address an academic presentation

This small piece of note is based on the EFES class of UoG and the video.

The question lying here is not how good your English skills are. But what you are intended to achieve. For example, if the goal here is to get everyone understood,

  1. Let your audience the easiest to follow, instead, you would lose them, so that you should
    • not use too many technical words to use, or, simply use some small words;
    • give technical details following by a small evaluation, then probably the next question to bring your audience back;
    • let the unspecialised people still easy to follow as in the conference, not all of the people are native speaker;
    • keep your audience awake. Probably you could check this blog;
    • have eye contact with people, to both sides;
    • not read something;
    • use body language;
    • 1 technical details + 1 general example or description to let people of different level understood.
  2. Help them to understand your work. You should
    • use effective visual aids;
    • well prepared;
    • not include too many details but try to present your own research logical flow;
    • well design the pictures and take care of your body language, as the picture and the body language take the majority of the information the audience receive;
    • change the volume, speed, and tone of the oral channel to be interactive and wake the audience up;
    • exaggerate sometimes on some topic so that it would seem that you are interested in what you are saying yourself;
    • each slide only focuses on one point.
  3. Try to be confident. You could
    • fake it till you make it;
    • have eye contact with your audience;
    • suppose all the audience have borrowed money from you.

You can use phrases including:

Let me talk about, ...

..., even more dramatic, ...

..., you know, +[explanation]

Notes: How to address an academic presentation

标签:point   int   visual   including   sid   get   sel   rate   add   


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